Collaborative Learning Seating

We are in one of the most exciting periods of change in education.  Fundamental to successful outcomes is the ability to respond to change and our collection of innovative Turn and Learn™ lecture theatre seating systems focuses on supporting the creation of a learning environment for the future.  

Getting - and keeping - students engaged is the first step to creating successful outcomes.  And creating meaningful experiences and promoting a physically and psychologically conductive environment is proven to maximise learning opportunities and participation in addition to reducing student attrition.  

The benefits and advantages of co-operative, active and engaged learning include outcomes in communication skills, problem solving and teamwork; conflict resolution, personal responsibility and workplace skills.

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The New Glide seat for Cinemas


As today's audiences continue to demand more from the movie experience, cinemas can't afford to just sit still.  That's why we created the all new Glide cinema seat. 

Featuring an innovative sliding design that allows for a superior seating position, simple operation and exceptional comfort, the Glide ushers in an entirely new level of support and ergonomics for cinema goers.  

With a gentle recline the base slides forward providing total back support throughout even the longest screenings. 

Complementing the Glide's revolutionary reclining system is a contemporary and streamlined aesthetic, designed to give your cinema a sleek, modern look that will stand the test of time. 

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RailSeat Safe Standing @ Celtic FC


After extensive discussions with the relevant authorities for the last five years, Celtic will become the first British club to introduce safe standing areas of Rail seating for the 2016 - 17 season. 

The Football Spectators act 1989 currently requires safety authorities to ensure that all fans attending games in the top two divisions of English football are seated.  However, many European countries allow fans to stand at top level games including Borussia Dortmund where the Ferco RailSeat is installed - a prime example of the effective use of rail seating.  

The desire to stand at games is common and persistent standing between rows of seats is clearly a safety concern.  Celtic were keen to find a way to accommodate safe standing and the RailSeat provides the ideal solution - with a seat that folds away and each fan standing in their own designated stand behind a waist high rail.